Power Chords

Power chords are essential weapons for your guitar arsenal. You can improve your rhythm guitar skills, soloing, and music theory knowledge by learning the most common power chord shapes!

Chord Charts for all Power Chords

Root NoteFifth NotePower Chord
CGC5 Power Chord
DAD5 Power Chord
EBE5 Power Chord
FCF5 Power Chord
GDG5 Power Chord
AEA5 Power Chord
BF#B5 Power Chord

What are Guitar Power Chords?

Power chords are neither major nor minor chords. 

They consist of only two notes, the root note and the fifth interval of the root note. That’s why they’re also called fifth chords: The E power chord is also called E5.

How to Read the Power Chords charts

Because power chords consist of only two notes, you can play them on two strings.

The red notes are essential for playing the chord. The grey notes are optional.

Do you want to learn more about the basic shapes and the music theory behind power chords? This article I wrote about power chords is the perfect place to start!

(Chord charts created with ChordPic)